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3M CC-4


3M Cable Cleaning System  / 3M CC-4 電纜清潔劑

It is compatible with all solid dielectric cable insulations, will not cause tracking on insulation surfaces and evaporates completely.

CC Series solvent is also suitable for use on transformers, generators, motors and metal parts of all sorts.

It can be used for PCB cleanup and in parts cleaners for degreasing.


3M Cable Cleaning Solvent CC Series products contain a full strength non-ozone
depleting solvent cleaner, degreaser for use as an effective replacement for 1,1,1-
Trichloroethane and other hazardous solvents. It is formulated to exhibit excellent
cleaning and degreasing properties.
The CC Series solvent is a colorless, non-conducting liquid that emanates a light orange
peel scent. It is compatible with most solid dielectric cable insulations and will not cause
tracking on insulation surfaces. Accelerated surface drying can be accomplished by
applying forced air or by wiping dry with a clean cloth. Use of solvent on carbon
containing semi-conductive surfaces such as cable insulation shields is not
recommended. There are four products within the CC series to meet cleaning needs as

CC-DRY Wiping Cloths
CC-2-DRY Cable Cleaning Preparation Kits
CC-2 Cable Cleaning Preparation Kits
CC-3 Cable Cleaning Pads

3M Cable Cleaning Solvent CC Series is compatible with all solid dielectric cable
insulations; i.e. polyethylene (high and low density), cross-linked polyethylene (XLP) and
ethylene propylene rubber (EPR). In general, most plastic and rubber dielectrics are not
adversely affected by short term exposure to CC Cable Cleaning Solvent associated
with surface cleaning.

The solvent is suitable for use on transformers, generators, motors, vehicles and metal
parts of all sorts, to remove surface oils, tars and heavy greases. The solvent can be
used in parts cleaners to degrease surfaces prior to painting or plating. Solvent viscosity
will change slightly with applications at different temperatures. At low temperatures, the
solvent will become more viscous.


3M Cable Preparation Kit CC-4 電纜清潔劑: This cable cleaning solvent cleans cable insulation, metal, electrical, and mechanical parts. 4 pcs/case. 

3M CC-4 電纜清潔劑

使用CC-4 電纜清潔劑減少產生絕緣電痕

1. 不含氟氯碳化物的環保產品 2. 不含多氯聯苯 3. 無色、具輕微橘子味 4. 不導電、揮發快, 不殘留.  使用範圍廣,適用各種電纜 電線  線圈 的清潔、不會傷害電纜表面, 亦可以用於清潔電路板 及 零件噴漆或電鍍前之清潔. 5. 強力清潔去除油污

注意: 本產品去除油污能力強    具揮發   請遠離火源    因為有使用者用於其他非清潔電纜的用途  請小心注意


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