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3M Scotch 1625 Special Contact Cleaner 電子接點清潔復活劑

電子接點清潔復活劑 1625以非常有效且溫和的方式去除灰塵、氧化以及各種不潔物質。可清潔各類電子、電器接點之氧化物,以降低傳輸阻抗,中性不帶電,並且完全不留殘漬,是一個幾乎任何環境都能適用的絕佳清潔噴霧罐。去污、去氧化物使接點、電路回復正常.

1.電子和通訊系統:手機、電腦、影音設備及各種電子電器產品零組件、電路板、通訊器材的快速接頭、電話線的連接、繼電器等等。2.自動控制系統:各種空壓、油壓、電子自動開關控制器等等 3.電機設備:馬達、天車、變壓器、發電機、各種產業機械電力、輸送配電盤、開關箱。 其他噴劑應用 400ml  德國製造

對於各種 按鍵開關 接點接觸不良 ( 熱水瓶 微波爐 led手電筒 等等) 非常有效.

易燃液體  電子電器產品 必等乾燥後再通電運轉

1625 loosens dirt, light oxide layers and impurities of every kind in an effective gentle manner. 1625 is electrically neutral and totally residue-free, making it ideal for use in almost any environmental as a spray cleaner. This product removes any dust, impurity including the traces of grease or oxidation. It is electrically neutral and does not leave any deposit. It can be used like cleaning for all types of applications.

Ideal for general cleaning. Loosens dirt, light oxide layers and impurities. Switches, relays, instrumentation, time switches, computer heads, light-duty contacts for video and magnetic heads.

* Made in Germany/ Industry Grade / 6 pcs in case * For other spray application please check the reference table



3M Quick Drying Contact Cleaner 16-102 / 3M 快乾型電子接點清潔復活劑

3M 16-102 Quick Drying Contact Cleaner is a petroleum distillate/alcohol-based solvent formulated to remove soil and other contaminants from electrical equipment. Dielectric Strength: 25,940 Volts

* Features: Non-corrosive / Non-staining / Quick drying / Leaves no residue / Non CFC / Easy Spray.

* Applications : Cleans dust, soils and other contamination from electrical and electronic components such as electromechanical assemblies, circuit boards, circuit breakers, motor controls, plugs, jacks and terminals, while drying quickly and without leaving a residue.

* Caution: Solvents will attack some plastic surfaces. Test all plastic items for compatibility before use.

* Weight: 298 g  10.5 oz/ 12 pcs in case

特性: 1. 清除各類電子, 電器接點之氧化物, 以降低傳輸阻抗.  2. 快乾、無色、不殘留。3. 介電強度: 25,940伏特。 4. 不含氟氯碳(CFC)化合物。 5. 無腐蝕性。

用途: 可用來清潔 - 印刷電路板、精密儀器、電腦磁帶磁頭、導航儀(迴旋儀) 、電動機、各種開關、斷路器、電驛、電位計、照相底片、磁帶、軸承、銅幣滑軌、火箭設備、助聽器、塑膠模具、金屬沖模、真空管、零件、辦公室器材、事務機器、密閉式電動機、微調器、電話交換機系統、調頻器(選台器) 、數位設備、螺線管、磁化線圈、計秒器、低壓調整器、靈敏性電路、其它電子接點.    *注意:本劑會傷害某些塑膠品表面﹐使用前請先於塑膠或漆面不明顯處試噴。

易燃液體  電子電器產品 必等乾燥後再通電運轉



3M Novec Contact Cleaner 電子接點清潔劑

3M Novec 電子接點清潔劑非常有效且溫和的方式去除氟素油污,灰塵、油脂, 矽膠以及各種的微粒物質。


1. 清潔電腦,網路,光纖連接器 (不需要關機) 2.清潔半導體製成設備. 3 電子和通訊系統:手機、電腦、影音設備及各種電子電器產品零組件、電路板、通訊器材的快速接頭、電話線的連接、繼電器等等。4.自動控制系統:各種空壓、油壓、電子自動開關控制器等 5.電機設備:馬達、天車、變壓器、發電機、各種產業機械電力、輸送配電盤、開關箱。 Made in USA. 11oz / 312 g


3M  Novec  Contact Cleaner effectively removes light oils, greases, silicones, dust and particulates from sensitive electrical equipment, including connectors, printed circuit boards, electro-mechanical devices, scales, contacts, relays, switches, conncetors instrumentation and circuit breakers. Novec Contact Cleaner is compatible with plastics and other materials of construction. 

•Fast drying, low odor •Excellent plastics compatibility •Low toxicity •Non-flammable •No rinsing and no residues •Non-chlorinated
•Non-corrosive, non-conductive – ideal for electrical or energized components
11oz / 312 g   Made in USA/ Industry Grade 




3M Novec Electronic Degreaser 電子清潔劑 - 油漬

3M Novec 電子清潔劑是絕佳的油污清潔溶劑, 無閃火點, 快乾, 低毒,能夠去除油漬、油脂、潤滑油,完全不留殘漬, 可清潔各類電子、電器設備. 會傷害少部份塑膠(ABS, PS, 壓克力, PC, 聚碳酸酯) 

1.自動控制系統: 各種空壓、油壓、電子自動開關控制器等 2.電機設備:馬達、天車、變壓器、發電機、各種產業機械電力、輸送配電盤、開關箱。3. 清潔半導體製成設備. Made in USA. 12oz / 340 g 


3M Novec Electronic Degreaser is ideal for cleaning heavy oils, greases and handling soils from electronic and electrical equipment. This heavy-duty cleaner is suitable for use on metals and many plastics, with the exception of acrylics, polycarbonates, ABS and PS. Non-corrosive Non-flammable Low toxicity Fast drying, no residue Low odor

Novec Electronic Degreaser is based on a non-flammable high performance proprietary hydrofluoroether formulation that is non-ozone depleting and does not contain any Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), Hazardous Air Pollutants
(HAPs) or n-propyl bromide (nPB). This results in an affordable, industrial-strength cleaner/degreaser, providing a wide margin of workplace safety and a favorable environmental profile. 
Made in USA.  Industry Grade  12oz / 340 g


3M Scotch Sprays  

3M  Scotch 1626 Spray Degreaser/Cleaner 油污清潔  Made in Germany 

Ideal to dissolve all the traces of grease, oils, lubricant, resin and tar. It is clear and does not leave any deposit and is not corrosive. It makes it possible moreover to withdraw any asbestos trace. Note: it is likely to deteriorate the plastics, a test is essential before application. Electrical equipment, switches, safety cut outs, motors and generators. 400 ml

油污清潔劑 1626是絕佳的油污清潔溶劑,能夠去除油漬、油脂、潤滑油、樹脂及焦油。透 不留殘漬、不侵蝕,並且可清洗除去石綿。


* 紅色罐裝 400 ml 德國工業級 德國製造





3M Novec Flux Remover 助銲劑清潔劑 - 銲油

Novec Flux Remover 助銲劑清潔劑是絕佳的助銲劑銲, 油清潔溶劑, 無閃火點, 快乾, 低毒. 能夠去除油漬、油脂, 完全不留殘漬, 可清潔各類電子、電器設備. 會傷害少部份塑膠(ABS, PS, 壓克力, PC, 聚碳酸酯)  Made in USA. 12oz / 340 g  不可燃清潔劑

3M Novec Electronic Degreaser removes a wide variety of solder fluxes used in electronics manufacturing and repair – including rosin-based and many no-clean and lead-free fluxes. It is also effective in removing hydrocarbon, silicone and fluorochemical oils and greases encountered in the maintenance of electronic devices such as electric motors, generators, precision devices and other electromechanical or sensitive equipment. Novec Flux Remover evaporates quickly, and leaves no residue. It is non-corrosive and compatible with most plastics, with the exception of acrylics, polycarbonates, ABS and PS.

  Non-corrosive Non-flammable Low toxicity Fast drying, no residue Low odor

Made in USA.  Industry Grade  12oz / 340g



3M Cable Cleaning System  / 3M 電纜清潔劑

3M Cable Cleaning System CC Series is a full-strength cleaner that cleans cable insulation, metal, electrical, and mechanical parts. It is compatible with all solid dielectric cable insulations, will not cause tracking on insulation surfaces and evaporates completely. CC Series solvent is also suitable for use on transformers, generators, motors and metal parts of all sorts.

3M Cable Preparation Kit CC-2 : This cable cleaning system cleans cable insulation, metal, electrical, and mechanical parts. It has a case quantity of 10.

3M Cable Preparation Kit CC-3 : These specialized pads clean cable insulation, metal, electrical, and mechanical parts. It comes with three (3) CC-4 saturated pads per kit and has a case quantity of 10.

3M Cable Preparation Kit CC-4 : This cable cleaning solvent cleans cable insulation, metal, electrical, and mechanical parts. It has a case quantity of 4.



3M Scotch Sprays  

3M Scotch 1638 高壓空氣除塵劑 Compressed Air Spray Made in Germany

1638 Compressed air is ideal for any operation of cleaning, in particular by vacuum-cleaning the not very easy access points. The power of the air blast makes it possible to blow the impurities and dust. Universally applicable especially in hard to reach areas.• Vacuum-cleaning very effective. • Easily allows to reach in the difficult places. • Not polluting for the environment.

The small pipe allows an easy access in the least accessible recesses. It is important always to hold the spray in driving position. This product can be used on apparatuses under tension. Cracks scratches, joins, gaps in keyboards or any other nook or cranny. Ideal cleaning product to remove dirt from awkward areas. 400ml

3M Scotch 1638高壓空氣除塵劑,可做高密度且廣泛的吹氣工作,普遍應用在清理不易接觸到的地方,如破裂的洞、接合處、鍵盤裂口,或任何其他角落或裂縫,是清除棘手區域髒污的理想清潔產品。 電腦鍵盤、音響視聽器材、音響組合、傳真機、報表機、收銀機; 鐘錶修理、光學器材、照相機、鏡頭、幻燈機等等電子電機設備儀器。  紅色罐裝 400 ml 德國工業級 德國製造



3M工業級 殘膠清潔劑 Adhesive Remover

3M工業級殘膠清潔劑: 殘膠清潔 天然清潔 除膠 

1. 柑橘萃取的天然強力除膠噴劑 85% 丙烷 15% , 符合FDA21  CRE 180.20 安全標準
2. 適用於殘膠的去除及施工前的表面清潔
3. 能有效清除頑強的汙漬、殘膠、柏油、廚房油垢及silicone

Made in USA/ Industry Grade 
重量: 524公克

3M adhesive remover - natural ingredient, in compliance with FDA21  & CRE 180.20. It is a citrus oil based cleaner that emulsifies when flushed with water. It help to remove adhesive & stain. Aerosol cleaner which can dissolve and flush away dirt, grease, tar, most non curing tape adhesive films, and similar substances.

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