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3M  Scotch 1629 Electrostatic Neutralizing Spray 靜電消除劑

靜電消除劑 1629 是絕佳的靜電消除劑,能夠去除防止靜電干擾,消除靜電現象,產生良好的音響效果,維護昂貴音響的壽命,此靜電消除劑無毒、無害、無腐蝕性。

1. 所有塑膠製品、門把、鑲板、地板、合成纖維、地毯。 2. 儀器外殼、照明設備、眼鏡、膠片、透明軟片、幻燈片。

3. 特別是對電腦、測量儀器。 4. 產生良好的音響效果,維護昂貴音響的壽命。 5. 400ml  德國製造  6. 其他噴劑應用

The Scotch 1629 Spray comply with all European legal requirements, and include safety instructions printed on all spray cans. Precautionary information is available on the product container.

1629 Electrostatic Neutralizing Spray can be used for plastic, fiberglass or even carpet for the protection of electrical electronic equipment, lighting facility, glass, films, computer, audio system etc. Use the 1629 Electrostatic Neutralizing Spray for the optimal protection of your electronic devices.

* Made in Germany/ Industry Grade / 6 pcs in case

* For other spray application please check the reference table


**防靜電膠帶 tape 40PR

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