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3M Grafoplast Si2K Series Thermal Transfer Printer: On Sales at the very best price in the universal. Please contact us for this printer. Only one available. For 3M Grafoplast Si2K Identification System Thermal Transfer Printer, please contact us.

Si2KSYS1 Printer :Automatic, Semi-automatic and Manual Printing

Simplo HIP software with drivers ( download from this link ) 
Parallel printer cable & US power cord  
Black thermal transfer ribbon; Ref. Si2KSBN/B  
Cleaning cassette; Ref. Si2KCLEAN  
Support base; Ref. Si2K0016 
Universal automatic feeder for tags; Ref. Si2K0013N 
Plate for Si2K02 series tags; automatic feed; Ref. Si2K0014NP1 
Plate for Si2KTB series terminal block tags; Ref. - Si2K0017  
User Guide (operating manual)

A thermal transfer marking technique, that uses ribbons with special ink, ensures the quality and life of the marking on many plastic materials such as; PVC, Polyester, ABS, Polycarbonate.

Data preparation with the Simplo 2000 Software is quick and easy. Save time and convert your Autocad files (or similar). With total flexibility you can print wire and cable numbers, plates & labels for control panels, outside panels and adhesive strips, all tailored to your individual requirements and specifications. Printing is noiseless and fast.

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