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3M Tape 1194 Copper Foil with Nonconductive Acrylic Adhesive

3M 金屬銅箔膠帶1194 單面膠不導電丙烯酸膠黏劑

3M EMI Shielding Tape 1194 is UL 510 flame-retardant and ideally suited for EMI shielding, static charge draining when grounded; easily die cut.  3M 1194 Tape consists of a 1-ounce deadsoft copper foil backing and an aggressive nonconductive pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive.
Deadsoft 1-ounce copper foil backing
Nonconductive acrylic adhesive
Supplied on a removable liner for easy handling and diecutting.

3M 1194 Tape is typically used for applications requiring economical electrical bonding, grounding, and EMI shielding. The copper foil backing is solderable and resists oxidation and discoloration.

For 3M 1194 Tape, typical shielding effectiveness (far field) is in the range of 50dB to 60dB (30 MHz to 1GHz).

Backing thickness: 1.4 mil (0,04mm)
Total thickness (backing plus adhesive): 2.6 mil (0.066mm)
Breaking strength: 25 lb./in (44 N/10mm)
Adhesion to steel: 40 oz/in (4,4 N/10mm)
Flame retardancy: Pass

厚 1.4-mil 金屬箔,非導電黏貼裝置,用於電磁射線干擾、 接地後靜電洩放﹔依模切割容易 溫度耐149C

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