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3M 5590H Thermally Conductive Acrylic Interface Pads

3M 5590H 導熱墊片 散熱片 導熱片 導熱膠帶


1. 填補空隙的導熱介面, 導熱片需要在壓力下才能有效工作﹐適用於有扣具加壓之散熱裝置。

2. 擁有極佳的傳熱及絕緣效果, 是填補空隙的最佳導熱介面。

3. 微黏壓克力膠

3M Thermally Conductive Acrylic Interface Pads 5589H and 5590H are soft and acrylic based pads. Because of their softness, Interface Pads 5589H and 5590H can decrease the load to integrated circuit chips during compression, and have good tack to many surfaces. These properties lead to a high performance non-silicone based thermal pad. Interface Pad 5590H is a higher thermal conductivity and somewhat firmer acrylic thermal pad, versus Interface Pad 5589H.

Good softness and conformability to non-flat surfaces.
Excellent compressive stress relaxation.
High thermal conductivity.
UL94 V-O certified (File No. E176845).
Good surface tack leads to low thermal resistance at surface.
Non-silicone acrylic elastomer.
Good dielectric performance.
Excellent durability for long term thermal conductivity and electric insulation stability.

Product Construction:

Thermally conductive firm acrylic elastomer (very low tack) surface
Thermally conductive soft acrylic elastomer (low tack) core
Film liner (Roll type: Film on firm layer)

Used to transfer heat from hot surfaces or devices to cooler surface region of assembled devices.
Excellent conformability, gap filling property that provides excellent heat flow
Excellent environmental durability
Range of thermal performance to 100C

For applications requiring gap filling and non-silicone construction
Designed with filled acrylic polymer to be used for non-silicone applications.
Available in 240 mm 20 meter rolls for improved converting processing.
Lower cost solution than Silicone Thermal Interface Pads.

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