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3M BHT-HF Tape Polyester Film Acrylic Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive

3M BHT-HF 聚酯薄膜膠帶 鋰電池膠帶

3M BHT-HF tape is mainly for the lithium ion secondary batteries manufacture with holding and insulation application. The tape is the polyester film uniformly coated with yellow acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), which is specifically designed with excellent solvent resistance to fulfill under the electrolytic solutionís environment. It could be operated not only by manual but also by auto-taping machine. It meets halogen free requirement.

Total Thickness: 0.040mm

Breaking strength: 35  N/cm

Dielectrical Breakdown: 4 KV

Adhesion (180 deg peel): 2 N/cm


3M BHT-HF膠帶是鋰電池專用絕緣固定膠帶, 主要為與鋰電池加工製造廠設計 用於固定絕緣和绝緣保護鋰離子電池  耐130度C

材料: 符合無鹵 RoHS  聚酯薄膜polyester film 黃色丙烯酸膠黏劑  優秀耐溶劑 抗電解液性能及絕緣效果.

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