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3M Insulation Displacement Connectors ( IDCs ) 螃蟹夾

Choose from a wide selection of different 3M Scotchlok Connectors IDC to meet a variety of uses; including fluorescent ballast installation and replacement, fixture and appliance wiring, automotive and marine wiring, and control circuit wiring.

Each new model incorporates a full wire range capability, an increased port size that accommodates up to 0.155 inch (4,0 millimeter) insulation sizes, double "U" inch elements and a solvent-resistant plastic construction.

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免剝式接頭 ( Insulation Displacement Connectors, IDCs )

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314U Electrical IDC, Pigtail - Connect two or three wire ends and insulate the connection. Flame retardant and has an AWG range 22-14 (0,5-1,5). 用於2或3條電線尾端的連續 絕緣及火焰自熄性  314U型 不內含膠

314: 3M 314 Connector 免剝式接頭 防潮絕緣連接器 內含膠


557 Electrical IDC, Pigtail - Designed for control circuit wiring, fixture wiring, appliance wiring, signal and PA systems, and automotive/boat/RV wiring. Provides a dual element connection and has an AWG range 22-16 (0,5-1,5). 用於2條電線尾端的連接。絕緣及火焰自熄性


558 : 3M Insulation Displacement Connectors ( IDCs ) 螃蟹夾 558 有貨

適用E-9BM 工具
提供您非常方便的電線接續或分歧引線的連接法,不需要剝除電線絕緣外被、絞接及錫焊,即可達到高品質的電線連接效果。本品為分歧(T型)或併接(H型)電線接頭,AWG. 22-16(0.5-1.5mm2)紅色, 500/包 , 5000 /箱


562 Electrical IDC Double Run or Tap - electrically connects a (tap) wire end through a (run) wire and insulates the connection. It has an AWG range of 12 (3,0) solid/stranded, 10 (4,0) stranded.

972 Self-Stripping In-Line Blade Type Fuseholder 車用保險絲座 - is an auto fuse holder and has an AWG range 18-14 (0,75-1,5).

901 Self-Stripping In-Line Bullet Receptacle - Designed for quick connect/disconnect of electrical systems on pull-behind vehicles such as rental trailers, boats and campers. Used as a tap splicing disconnect. AWG range 18-14 (0,75-1,5).

905N Self-Stripping Electrical Connector - used for low voltage (automotive) and has an AWG range 22-18 (0,5-1,0) Tap, 18-14 (0,75-1,5) Run. 用於2條電線尾端的連接,用於一條引線的分歧(T型接續)及絕緣


804 參考 314

3M Insulation Displacement Connector

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