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Welcome to PHI, the place for electrical power connecting and taping solutions.

Besides the 3M and TE Connectivity ENTRELEC product listed from our website, we are also committed to help you to source and customize parts or products according to your specific needs. We have engineers in different field to ensure that items are made to meet or exceed your exception. Disregard of where you buy your products, we are very glad to help you.

1. Tape converting, die-cutting to the shape to meet your application.

2. Wire & Cable Accessories: All kinds of wire and cable for motorcycle, automobile, electrical equipment applications etc.

3. Perfluoroelastomer Seals: Custom made only. The seals with extraordinary resistance to harsh chemicals and heat, enable them to withstand virtually any process involved with many aggressive chemicals and operated under very severe environments. This is the best seals you can get.

4. Parts: CNC parts &  bearings for BMW motorcycles.

5. Arrange 3M Training Classes.


 Welcome to contact PHI.

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3M 電力膠帶 PVC 3M 電氣絕緣 Scotch自融性 高壓絕緣膠帶 3M 防水絕緣膠帶 3M 電子電氣 3M EMI 金屬箔屏蔽膠帶 鋁箔 銅箔 導電膠帶 3M 防靜電膠帶 醋酸酯布膠帶 防水膠帶 鐵氟龍膠帶 Kapton 紙膠帶 防腐蝕 水溶性膠帶 大力膠帶 3M電纜終端接頭 3M電纜處理頭 3M 高壓直路接頭 3M中間接頭 TE Connectivity ENTRELEC Terminal Block TE Connectivity ENTRELEC PLC 軌道式端子台 組合式端子板 TE Connectivity ENTRELEC 號碼條 短路條 端子台 DIN Rain 鋼軌 3M漏水檢知器 3M漏水檢知帶 3M噴劑 防護 , 絕緣, 潤滑, 清潔, 除油, 電子接點復活