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3M Modular Splice Kits


* Form a 5 to 25 kV 600 Amp separable insulated connector system

* Easy to expand and is flexible—allowing for easy disconnects and additions

* Can make virtually any kind of splice–2-way, 3-way, 4-way, dead-end or connect cable to your gear’s 600 Amp bushing with an equipment connection kit.

* Application - standard shielded power cables & compatible with copper and aluminum conductors. Also for use Tape Shield, Wire Shield, UniShield & Jacketed Concentric Neutral Cables.

*Meets requirements of ANSI/IEEE Standard 386.




Kits are comprised of modular components and are assembled following the provided instructions. The only additional supplies you need are an adapter kit for each cable being connected, which provides a custom fit of your cable to the modular system. A T-wrench is also available for the kits containing a connecting plug. With 3M modular splicing kits, you can install critical splices in the field quickly and reliably. And, you can reenter for splice expansion or temporary dead-ending. With 3M modular technology, every splice can maintain the insulating and shielding integrity of the original cable. 3M cold shrink insulator (included in adapter kit) provides fast, easy means of rejacketing over the shield adapter and seals the splice to the cable jacket, permitting use in submerged locations such as manholes and vaults.


Please check the pdf file below for more info.


3M Modular Splicing (Modular Splicing Kit/Modular Tap Splicing Kit/Dead-End Modular Kit/Modular Equipment Kit)/Cable Adapter Kits(3M Quick Adapter Modular Kit) (English pdf 56kb)


組合式接續系統 (Modular Splicing)
提供您17種轉換頭(adaptor)可供搭配可在現場將電纜可靠而迅速地接續,而且日後的拆裝、擴充都很容易 在轉換頭組件中附有預張式套管以作為接頭的密封,使接頭能適用於人孔、洞道內等會浸水的地方, 此接頭組件適用於銅帶、銅線、細銅線遮蔽電纜、EP-lead、XLP-lead、共用中性線(CN)、被覆共用中性線(JCN)等電力電纜
組合式接續系統的設計特性符合ANSI / IEEE Std.386"Separable Insulated Connector System"



(模組式中間接頭) 基本組合接頭/ 附加迴路組合接頭/ 末端組合接頭/ 設備接續頭/ 快接轉換頭 (Chinese pdf 738 kb)


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