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好的高電氣特性與絕緣性,優良的耐熱性,穩定度極佳, 具有優良的抗強酸及強鹼的耐藥性,電路板防護遮蔽.


Polyimide Film 1218 Acrylic Adhesive 聚酸亞胺薄膜膠帶丙烯酸膠黏劑 無鹵 Non-Halogenated

3M Tape 1218 is a one mil polyimide backing with acrylic adhesive. It is designed for high temperature
applications, in which a solvent resistant backing is required, used on coils, capacitors and wire harnesses. 3M Tape 1218 is available in standard and custom widths and lengths. Standard length is 36 yards.
1 mil polyimide backing
Acrylic adhesive
Supplied on 3 inch cores

3M Tape 1218 is used for high temperature electrical applications in which a tough, thin insulating material that is solvent-resistant is required for wrapping coils, transformers, capacitors and wire harnesses. It is also used as a cover layer material for many types of flexible printed circuits.

Adhesive:  Acrylic Pressure Sensitive
Backing:  Polyimide
Total thickness:  3.0 mils / 0.076 mm
Operating Temperature: 180C (356F)
Adhesion to Steel: 19 oz/in (0.50Kg/in)
Breaking strength: 30 lbs./in (14 Kg/in)
Insulation Resistance: >1000000 megohms
Elongation: (% at break) 55 %
Dielectric Breakdown: 6.0 KV
CTI Group: IIb
Electrolytic Corrosion Factor: 1.0

#1218 膠帶  厚 3mil 薄膜,纖薄、特別設計在高溫時使用﹔用於線圈、電容器及電線纏結. 具抗溶劑能力  膠黏劑: 丙烯酸膠黏劑  操作溫度: 180C

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