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好的高電氣特性與絕緣性,優良的耐熱性,穩定度極佳, 具有優良的抗強酸及強鹼的耐藥性,電路板防護遮蔽.


3M 5419 Low Static Polyimide Film Tape

3M 5419 低靜電聚酸亞胺薄膜膠帶膠黏劑

3M Low Static Polyimide Film Tape 5419 is a translucent, polyimide film-backed silicone adhesive tape with unique and extremely low electrostatic discharge properties. Conventional polyimide tapes can typically generate over 10,000 volts during use which can damage board mounted electronic components. 3M Low Static Polyimide Film Tape 5419 overcomes this problem without any of the typical drawbacks of conventional “anti-static” or “static-free” tapes (e.g., variable adhesion and opaqueness).


Adhesive: Silicone
Backing: Polyimide

Adhesion to Steel: 20 oz./in. width (22 N/100 mm)
Tensile Strength at Break: 33 lbs./in. width (578 N/100 mm)
Elongation at Break: 60%
Backing Thickness: 1.0 mil (0.03 mm)
Total Tape Thickness: 2.7 mil (0.07 mm)
Temperature Use Range: -100° to 500°F (-73° to 260°C)
Dielectric Strength: 7000 volts D-149
Insulation Resistance: >1000000 ohms
Static Charge: Removal from roll: < 150 volts / Removal from PWB: <50 volts
                    (measured at 50% RH, 70°F (21°C) in an ESD controlled environment)
Outgassing: %TLM = 0.58; %CVCM = 0.24
Flame Retardancy: Pass per UL-510

Standard Roll Length: 33m


琥珀色 耐高温 低靜電   厚 2.7mil 薄膜,特別設計在低靜電電鍍用  防護遮蔽使用.

501mm*36YD (32.9M)

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