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3M 9079 雙面膠膜  9079 ATT無基材雙面膠帶 9079  500 mm x 100 m

3M Ultra High Temperature 100HTL Adhesive Transfer Tape 9079 is a solid adhesive transfer tape with no carrier in the adhesive, which provides better adhesive wet-out for improved initial adhesion.

High temperature release liner that is able to survive from a typical lead-free

solder reflow process having a peak temperature up to 500F (260C).

Ideal for Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) attachments in many areas of electronics

subjected to high temperature processing and operating environments.

Releasable after lead-free solder reflow.

High adhesion, excellent holding power and low outgas.


  • 耐無鉛焊錫條件的離型膜,溫度可達260℃ (500℉)
  • 適用於軟性印刷電路板(FPC)以及需耐高溫的電子材料黏合用
  • 初期黏性佳
  • 高黏著力、低釋氣性

3M 9079 無基材雙面膠帶厚度為0.05mm膠帶,可過錫爐,適用FPC製程。



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