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好的高電氣特性與絕緣性,優良的耐熱性,穩定度極佳, 具有優良的抗強酸及強鹼的耐藥性,電路板防護遮蔽.


Polyimide Film 92 Thermosetting Silicone Adhesive 聚酸亞胺薄膜膠帶 92 無鹵 Non-Halogenated

3M amber Electrical Tape 92 is a 1-mil polyimide film backing with silicone adhesive.
1-mil polyimide Kapton backing
Silicone Adhesive for exceptional heat resistance and may be applied at very low temperatures.
High temperature applications to 180C
UL510 Flame Retarded

3M Electrical Tape 92 is used for high temperature electrical applications in which a tough, thin insulating material is required for wrapping coils, transformers, capacitors, and wire harnesses. It is also used in printed circuit board assembly as a wave solder masking tape. This tape can be imprinted. On a 3 inch plastic core.

Adhesive: Thermosetting Silicone
Backing: Polyimide film
Backing thickness: 1.0 mil (0.025 mm)
Total thickness: 3.0 mils (0.076 mm)
Insulation Resistance (megohms) >1000000
Dielectric Breakdown: 7,500 Volts
Breaking Strength: 30 lbs/in (53N/10mm)
Elongation(% at break): 55%
Electrolytic Corrosion Factor: 1.0
Adhesion to steel: 25 oz/in (2.8N/10mm)
UL510 Flame Retarded: Yes
Printable: Yes

厚 1mil 無鹵阻燃膠帶,堅韌 纖薄、特別設計在高溫時使用﹔用於線圈、電容器及電線纏結.  膠黏劑: silicone  操作溫度: 180C   30M長 可印字

 #1205 膠帶  厚1-mil薄膜,除具抗溶剂能力外,其他性能与92#相同

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