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Welcome to Power Hub Inc.



PHI is the source for industrial-based products to meet your manufacturing needs. In-house designs meet strict engineering standards established by PHI with low-cost factors favorable to your budgetary requirements.


Products range from industrial usage to those meeting consumer specifications. Taiwan-made, or those originating from U.S.A sources, product spread covers a wide-ranging area from which to choose.


Products: 3M electrical tapes 膠帶 film, 3M EMI Tapes, 3M OEM Tapes, 3M VHB Tapes, 3M terminations, 3M Water Leakage Detector/Sensor Cable, wiring connectors, TE Connectivity ENTRELEC terminal blocks, Entrelec Marker, Entrelec Jumper bar, PHI Jumper bars, 3M spray cans, Aerosols, lubricants and coating, 3M Comfort Grip Gloves 手套, 3M CUNO water fluid purification, tools etc. Please check our product page for more detail information.


OEM, customized items, or difficult-to-find parts: Please check our Service Page for further information. To assist your choice, contact us for a free-consult:


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F-A-X: 886-(0)2-2894-1980

3M 電力膠帶 PVC 3M 電氣絕緣 Scotch自融性 高壓絕緣膠帶 3M 防水絕緣膠帶 3M 電子電氣 3M EMI 金屬箔屏蔽膠帶 鋁箔 銅箔 導電膠帶 3M 防靜電膠帶 醋酸酯布膠帶 防水膠帶 鐵氟龍膠帶 Kapton 紙膠帶 防腐蝕 水溶性膠帶 大力膠帶 3M電纜終端接頭 3M電纜處理頭 3M 高壓直路接頭 3M中間接頭 TE Connectivity ENTRELEC Terminal Block TE Connectivity ENTRELEC PLC 軌道式端子台 組合式端子板 TE Connectivity ENTRELEC 號碼條 短路條 端子台 DIN Rain 鋼軌 3M漏水檢知器 3M漏水檢知帶 3M噴劑 防護 , 絕緣, 潤滑, 清潔, 除油, 電子接點復活 Novec 1720


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3M 470 電鍍膠帶 電鍍遮蔽膠帶

3M Polyester Tapes for High Temperature Applications 綠色耐高溫PET膠帶 8992 8991

3M Scotchkote Electrical Coating FD 06151 快乾 / 3M 電氣絕緣防水漆  60151 替代 14853

3M Conformable Sound Management Film Tape 9343

 3M 架橋劑 助黏劑 Primer K520 K500 Primer 94

3M 9079 雙面膠膜 9079 ATT無基材雙面膠帶 9079

3M Scotchcast Flame-Retardant Electrical Insulating Resin 2131 2131B

3M Scotchcast resin joint kits 92-NBA x 灌膠式防水中間接頭 Resin Kit 92-NBA 0 up to 92-NBA 7 Inline Joint Kit Series with Resin 40

3M 醋酸布膠帶 1558T 


3M 漏水檢知器 LLD 24014-A LLD 24014-B

3M 9731 一面矽膠 一面壓克力膠 雙面膠帶

3M 膠帶 膠水 保存期限

3M 膠帶 471 471膠帶

3M Polyethylene Tape 5425  助滑 降低摩擦 光滑表面

漏水檢知器 WR-TW-KO1000 高感度型

3M Polyimide Film Kapton 聚酸亞胺薄膜膠帶 92 1205  5413 5419 7413T

1618 1628 1683 1688  9381 遮光膠帶

Needle Sleeve Bearing for BMW  11331261712


電纜處理頭 絕緣層剝除工具

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